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THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “Round II” Season 3 Episode 23 – The SecretLife of the American Teenager is possibly the strangest show I’ve ever watched. You learn so much about these characters, spend so much time watching them, and yet after a whole season I don’t feel a single thing for a single character. When Adrian pours her heart out in the school hallway in front of a crowd of people, I’m less concerned about what she’s saying, more interested in how Francia Raisa is managing to cry out of only one eye. I know she has two of them: look, there they are. So why is she only crying in one? Is it windy on that side of her face?

And its not like she’s not talking about how her cat’s new sailor outfit looks (Adrian doesn’t have a cat. She has a picture of Christ though.) She and Amy and Ricky have a big explosive emotional meltdown that goes something like this: Read More...

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