THE CHICAGO Code “Mike Royko’s Revenge” (Series Finale) Review

THE CHICAGO CODE "Mike Royko’s Revenge" Season 1 Episode 13 – Back in February, when this show premiered, I was very excited. The pilot offered a new twist on the cop procedural: strong acting, great directing and some quality writing. I indicated in my review that the show was not like Shawn Ryan’s previous cop drama The Shield, which was a monumental pioneering effort of subverting a genre. Instead, I likened it more to The Good Wife, which worked within the parameters of the genre yet worked so well.

Unfortunately the next few episodes dropped the ball a little, which often happens on new shows: I doubt anyone would call the second, third or fourth episodes of Alias its strongest, and I personally believe that the first few episodes after the pilot of The West Wing are among its worst, often drivelling with self-righteousness and false sentimentality. It’s difficult for a writer to go from hoping to get a pilot picked up to suddenly being thrust into a situation where they need to hire a writing staff, get a crew,settle on the tone of the show and start building episodes around the arc they’d envisioned for the series. Ultimtely The Chicago Code did not live up to the promise of its pilot. Read More...


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