NURSE JACKIE “Have You Met Ms. Jones?” Review

NURSE JACKIE "Have You Met Ms. Jones?" Season 3 Episode 8 – I’ve never seen Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco) such an utter wreck before. And I guess we’ll see how long it goes until she comes crashing down off the wagon, since, as she told her best friend and confidante Dr. Eleanor O’Hara (Eve Best), "I’ve been 37 hours with no Percocet, no Vicodin, and no Oxy." And yikes, she looks it.

I missed last episode, so I’m not sure if she was scared straight by the violent death of her drug dealer (Death By Speeding Truck—always a hoot) or if she’s just realizing she can’t keep her supply up, I’m not sure. But it looks like we’re heading for another crash of epic proportions. Jackie is doing her best to stave off the DT’s with over-the-counter meds (and judicious gulps of Red Bull), but that’s clearly not working. Next episode should be very interesting. Read More...


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