MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “What Lies Beneath/Worlds Apart” Season Finale Review

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT "What Lies Beneath/Worlds Apart" Season 2 Finale Episodes 19 & 20 -Whether or not MAKE IT OR BREAK IT returns for season 3, tonight’s season 2 finale has served its purpose. The USA win at Worlds leaves a positive glow that is a satisfying end, particularly if it is the end of the series. If not, the team still has their dream working toward the Olympics in a new season. Generally, I think "What Lies Beneath/Worlds Apart" is a good season finale. I like that the writers ended with a strong message about anorexia. I’m relieved that the issue with the DVD is finally resolved. And I’m glad that perfect Payson finally understands that she doesn’t have to be dull and live only for gymnastics. Having said this, however, pretty much all the story lines from the season are so neatly tied up in these last two episodes that it is just a little too convenient. There is also an incompatible mix of aw-shucks and blatantly "shocker" moments that just don’t seem to fit together well. Still I can forgive these criticisms because season finales are supposed to be about the shock value and to defy logic at times. Also I actually like knowing the conclusions to story lines, and having key elements carry over to the following season. My only inconsolable and huge disappointment of the season, and especially these last few episodes, is the nonexistent character of Emily. I can’t get over how abruptly and sloppily her story line was dealt with. And yes, I understand that certain arrangements had to be made with Chelsea Hobbs being pregnant in reality. But I think the show was irresponsible in how it handled the sensitive issue(s) of pregnancy and how Emily was shipped, or rather bused, off, thereby sending her into social isolation and away from the other girls. What, they couldn’t call her? Read More...


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May 31, 2012 6:27PM EDT

It frustrates me beyond belief that you never hear anything more about Emily. Yeah she got pregnant and dropped out of gymnastics.... but the show is treating it like she has freaking died....

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