THE KILLING “Undertow” Review

THE KILLING "Undertow" Season 1 Episode 9 - I’ve spent the last two weeks wondering how The Killing could possibly hold interest until the season final a month from now. We had become stuck on one suspect, the case was starting to go in circles – something had to happen to shake things up.

This episode definitely shook things up.

Bennet and Muhammed’s phone conversation from last week is translated and the content appears to be damning. Linden and Holder try to gain permission to arrest Bennet but they’re shot down; the wire tap can’t be used as evidence and, besides, Linden and Holder have managed to get themselves put on everybody’s shit list.

Amber, Bennet’s wife, sneakily gets ahold of Muhammed’s phone number and gives it to them, allowing the pair to track Muhammed down and take him into custody. There he reveals the true nature of the phone call; he and Bennet have been trying to arrange safe passage for the missing Muslim girl who was mentioned at the mosque a few weeks ago. Her parents are trying to prepare her for an arranged marriage (which would include a female circumcision) and Bennet couldn’t admit why he seemed so shady without risking the girl being sent back to her parents. He’s innocent. Read More...


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