The Event: "Arrival" Review

The makers of The Event were nothing if not consistent with last night's series finale, "Arrival," as they continued with the trend of giving audiences episodic-television blue balls -- an inclination that has been the modus operandi of the series from day one. I don't know where the show was in terms of its production schedule when the producers realized that NBC was done with it, but judging by this episode the creative staff are either living in some kind of fantasyland where they see Netflix as their saviors or they just figured they'd screw over what (few) faithful viewers they had left. And why not, since that's what's been going on with the show since September? Rather than go out with a bang and give us some kind of closure -- and again, in fairness, it is possible (if unlikely) that the producers and writers didn't know The Event was going to get cancelled when they shot this episode -- we instead get a hundred cliffhangers, some of which practically take the series into the realm of parody.  Read More...


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