'American Idol's' Nigel Lythgoe predicts the winner will be 'the one with the most votes'


"American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe did a conference call with the press Tuesday (May 24) to promote the upcoming premiere of Season 8 of "So You Think You Can Dance" (read the full interview here).But of course, someone had to ask him about the upcoming "Idol" finale. Nigel says the winner will be "the one with the most votes."That cheeky Nigel.He does think that "Idol" has gotten back on track, comparing it to the way "SYTYCD" has kept its format consistent."American Idol" got to much into "focusing on judges instead of the contestants," says Lythgoe. "I thought, 'These are mistakes being made in front of my very eyes.' Would I have done that if I were there? ... I do think the public or your viewers or your fans need to know where they are. More importantly, keep the show up to date, keep it relevant and keep it entertaining. If you continue to...



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