Is this the end of Clay and Quinn?

So far one tree hill has been pretty great. I'd even say that the last episode was one of the best so far. Although most of it was too good to be true (Haley recovering, Brooke and Julian getting married, Mouth and Skills are friends again, and so on...) and something bad was bound to happen sooner or later, was it really necessairy to have Quinn and Clay shot by Katie. I hope they don't die, because i think they are a great addition to OTH.

Then there is the question of how Katie managed to get out of jail find Clay, buy a gun, and break into to where Quinn and Clay were staying. I really hope that they don't kill off those two characters if they plan on producing a new season next year. Well lets hope for the best!


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May 18, 2010 6:27AM EDT

I was so shocked when I saw it omg. I agree I really liked them so I hope they dont die, if Quinn dies Haley will probably end up in a mental hospital, because I dont think she could handle her sister dying aswell as her mom. So i hope they dont die. But of course I understand the writers needed someting to make the viewers want another season.

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