Recap: 'The Voice' - The Battles, Part 3

After Tuesday's "American Idol" finale descended into a lackluster debacle of lethargic country and limiting laryngitis, the bar has been sufficiently lowered that I'm really looking forward to tonight's quartet of "Voice" Shout-Battles.

Game on, "The Voice."

[Full recap after the break...]

10:01 p.m. ET. Last week, due to Slingbox difficulties, I missed the "Previously on 'The Voice'..." segment. Why does it take so long to explain what came last week?

10:01 p.m. Christina Aguilera's up first. Her batter will pit Raquel Castro against Julia Eason. They're going to sing "Only Girl In The World." Christina explains that these are her two dynamic dynamos. And what better way to showcase your dynamos by asking them to sing a Rihanna song that's much more about production and sexuality than singing. Ask "American Idol" bootee Tatynisa Wilson how much you gain from singing Rihanna in a competitive environment. Read More...


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