Recap: 'Glee' Finale - 'New York'

Jayma Mays' appearance in the last three seconds of "New York", tonight’s "Glee" season finale, says everything you need to know about this season’s quality of continuity. It was the final, and perhaps ultimate, "oh yea, and also THIS" writing moment of a season chock full o’ them. Only had Coach Beiste walked by in the background using Artie’s Magical Legs could that moment have been more jarring. Look, some shows are five pounds of story in a ten-pound bag. "Glee" is twenty-five pounds of story in that same bag, spilling over the edges at all times in a chaotic frenzy. Or, put another way: if other shows write their stories based on an existing recipe book, "Glee" just throws a ton of stuff into a pot just to see what happens. Every once in a while they accidentally concoct a dish that would win an episode of "Top Chef". But usually they produce a plate that would be better served with something even remotely approaching narrative discipline.

Let’s say this about "New York": this episode looked GREAT. With the exception of the lavish production numbers that adorn part of each episode, no one would ever accuse "Glee" of being visually arresting. Even in the middle of a fantastic (if ill-conceived) number, the camera work is usually only serviceable at best. But not only did many of the big numbers in tonight’s finale feel cinematically different (ie, competent), but New York City itself looked fab in nearly every frame. The almost Technicolor way in which it was shot mirrored the way in which people like Will, Rachel, ad Kurt undoubtedly saw the city. I don’t ding "Glee" for looking relatively drab most of the time: the look fits the world of the show. But I did appreciate the difference that the Big Apple visually brought to the episode, both in terms of physical geography and in terms of lens work. Read More...


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