Oprah Winfrey's final farewell show: 10 lessons learned


Warning: We woke up early to watch the first airing of Oprah's once-and-for-all, no-takebacks final show. So, spoilers lurk below -- if you consider life lessons spoilers.Oprah Winfrey spent her final hour transitioning into what could possibly be her post-talk show career: preaching. Sure, we're used to Oprah's never-ending (and mostly sound) advice, but usually those lessons are tempered with a few celebs and some free stuff to lighten the mood. On Wednesday (May 25), the longtime talk show host preached the gospel of Oprah directly to "her people." And, if you ask her, Oprah's people are not only in the studio audience, but behind TVs across the country and in 150 others around the world.And so it was that the hour came off as a little bit overwrought, a little bit self-important and downright over-induldgent. Not that Oprah didn't deserve to overdo it a little bit after 25 years on the air. But one...



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