THE MIDDLE “Back to Summer” (Season Finale) Review

THE MIDDLE “Back to Summer” Season 2 Episode 24 (Season Finale) – Frankie’s new tiki torch doesn’t save her from end of school year crises like Brick once again almost being held back, Sue’s quest for a perfect attendance award, and Axl’s involuntary volunteer work in the “Back to Summer’ season finale of THE MIDDLE.

“You really should get that checked.” Frankie’s end of episode epiphany/montage about what’s important may ease her concern over her memory lapses, but not mine. First we get the hilarious montage of her absent-mindedness and then she can’t find the phone she’s speaking into. Heh. This is such a tough episode for poor Frankie- she’s so excited at first, holding her tiki torch like a trophy, but as her kids’ crises mounts, she visibly deflates. Both her near-lunge at Brock and her pleading to Ms. Rinsky (Yay to more Doris Roberts) are well-played by Patricia Heaton who gives Frankie just the right touch of hysteria. Read More...

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