PRIMEVAL (UK) Series 5 Episode 1 Review

PRIMEVAL Series 5 Episode 1 - When a roadworker falls into a sinkhole and is eaten the existence for an entirely new species of giant beetle-thing is revealed. The team try to track the beetle down before it can do even more damage and manage to fatally injure it. Alas, the beetle abducts Connor before it dies.

Is it even a beetle? I have no clue.

An injured Connor wakes up in a new, empty shopping centre, the dead creature’s nest, and discovers the area teeming with even more beetles. He decides to turn on the gas and, with help from Becker and his detonators, fry them. Thankfully Matt manages to get to Connor and help him to safety before the explosion.

Meanwhile, Lester takes part in a character interview for a knighthood (just not his knighthood, it turns out) and Abby’s suspicions lead Matt to tell her why he joined the ARC; he’s from the future, he’s trying to save earth from life-ending anomalous anomalies and Connor plays some part in it all. Read More...


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