Penny Makes a Drunken Speech on 'Happy Endings' (VIDEO)

'Happy Endings' (Wed., 10:30PM ET on ABC) closed its first season as it began: With a wedding. Only it wasn't Dave and Alex giving it a second go, it was an old friend of the gang's, Jason Shershow.

The catch for Penny in this situation was that he was her "safety." They'd previously agreed that if neither of them were married by the time they reached 40, they'd marry each other. Only Shershow, as he explained it, is the guy who'll get mustard on his shirt when he's not even eating it. He's a classic screw-up.

Or at least he was. The gang decides at first that Max is the new Shershow, but when a drunken Penny gets up to give a speech at the new couples' engagement party, she may have just taken the crown. We heard more about it later, but it was when she leaned forward and fell off the stage, taking the podium with her, that we were sold.


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