'Modern Family' Season 2 Finale Recap

If you read my 'Modern Family' recap last week, you'll remember that I said that last week's episode like it was a season finale, and wondered what we'd see tonight.

Well, tonight also felt like a season finale ... for at least a couple of minutes in the middle and at the end. Otherwise, it felt like just a normal episode, and not one of the show's strongest. Not that there's anything wrong with the former; not every show has to end a season with big events and cliffhangers. But the latter was a bit of a disappointment, given how strong last week's episode was.

What was the most fun about the episode, though, was that it centered on Ed O'Neill and the tough but loving character he plays, Jay. There hasn't been nearly enough Jay time this season, so it was good to see O'Neill get more or less the entire episode to remind people why he's been a sitcom stalwart for almost a quarter of a century (it's rough to write that, but it's true... 'Married... With Children' debuted 24 years ago). Read More...



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