Give us something to latch on to

Having self contained episodes is all fine and good, but the great thing about the books was that they had you begging for more, not wanting to put the book down because you didn't want to miss what was going to happen next. This series is decent but there's no "grab" for the random viewer to just say WOW!!! The pilot was a good episode, the rest of the series just seems to go nowhere with the characters or the storyline. I like the fact that they tried to give us a tv series based on this great series of books, yet I'm disappointed in what I've seen so far.

They're bringing Shota into tomorrow's episode, I'm nervous as to what they're going to do with her, something about switching Richard's Identity.

And If I'm not mistaken the following episode is called Denna, If they can sum up the time Richard spent with Denna and the experiences he had in a one hour episode they had to leave a lot of key elements out of it.

Rachel, Queen mileena, violet, the Box, perhaps even the harsh torture and breaking of Richard.

I'm sure they did what they could but I really hope that they actually give us a 2 parter, that would be something worth looking forward to.

I've put my 2 cents in, I'm hoping that after everything is said and done they become Truer to the books than they have been.


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Dec 8, 2008 1:54PM EST

there definitly gonna muck up the whole denna story, notice how the sword of truth doesn't hurt richard to use? (not trying to spoil here) but hes not gunna learn to use his sword in that special way ;0) and you know there definitly gunna leave out the partisan magic. but i'll enjoy the hell outta it anyways

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