Recap: So You Think You Can Dance' premiere hits Atlanta, San Francisco

Anyway, let’s get the party started – on to Atlanta, which is, as Cat helpfully points out, the land of George peaches. Wow, that doesn’t add a creepy sexual element to auditions or anything. In addition to Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe, Lil’ C is at the judges’ table.

 On the first day we meet Deon Lewsa Jr. and Damon Bellmon of Atlanta, who are best friend, cut-ups and wannabe playas. They hit on Cat, they hit on girls in the street, they intend to get some numbers at auditions. These guys work!

 Unfortunately, I don’t think they work as much on their actual dancing, but I do give them points for their choreography, which is clever and shows a sense of humor, which is sometimes lacking on this show. The judges agree that they love these guys and immediately send them both to Vegas. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. They send Deon, then make Damon sweat it out until handing him a ticket, too. This is a tradition on "SYTYCD," but I still kind of hate it because you can see these dancers’ faces crumple like snotty tissues thinking they’ve gotten the axe. But hey, I guess that as long as they get a thumbs up, they don’t really mind a little torture. Read More...


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