Top Moments: A House Wreck, Oprah Signs Off, Glee's Big Apple Kiss

Our top moments of the week:

14. Saddest Confession: On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki tears up and tells Tamra that she and her husband Donn are having "major issues" and that she's been praying every night for them to come together. She explains that they only talk to each other a few times a month and haven't had sex in almost two years, but feels conflicted because God hates divorce. Of all the marriages that have fallen victim to the Real Housewives franchise (and there have been a lot), this is one we wish hadn't.

13. Best-Laid Plans: After Mitchell trespasses with Claire and Cam doles out dating advice to Manny on Modern Family, the two have the same thought on their minds by the time Jay's birthday fishing party rolls around. "Cam, I want to have another baby," Mitchell says. "What do you think about a boy this time?" Cam responds. Let's hope they welcome him the same way.

12. Worst Act of Justice: When Stan and Mitch find out that Bennet, the police's No. 1 suspect in their daughter's death, has not yet been arrested on The Killing, Stan takes matters into his own hands. However, just as Stan and an associate are beating Bennet to a bloody pulp, the detectives piece together that he and Muhammed were helping another girl out — not Rosie — and Mitch finds a T-shirt of Rosie's in her room that the detectives thought was in Muhammed and Bennet's possession.  Read More...


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