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The Hangover Part II

First thing you've got to know is: come in with your expectations LOW... then you can sit back and prepare to laugh. If you keep in mind that the first film was a rarity, and like nothing we'd seen before in mainstream cinema because not only did it surprise you with unexpected, hilarious, plot twists, but also zinged you with quotable one-liners ("Do you know if the hotel is pager friendly?"), then you'll be able to accept that nothing can compete with that.  

Now, that being said, there are some things in Part II that did Amuse: Chow is, again, vital to the plot- and he is Hilarious! Also, there's a monkey- brace yourself: he replaces Carlos and we'll all have to accept it. Aside from the All-Star Cast: Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and the always sexy Bradley Cooper, there are all sorts of Fantastic actors stopping by this movie: Academy-Award-Nominee Paul Giamatti makes an appearance, Jefferey Tambor reprises his role as Sid, and Jamie Chung, who was most recently seen in Sucker Punch, plays Stu's fiance Lauren.  

I feel like the sequel has more blood and nudity, but less surprises. Just as in the first film: Ted isn't really in most of the film, and you feel like you know that the bad guy is going to screw you over. So why bother? Well, if you dont go see it you'll spend the next year or so wishing you had because all your friends are going to be saying things like "yeah, you're so the rice pudding" and "remember the stripper?".   

There's just one thing that I felt was left unanswered, What ever happened between Stu and Jade (played by Heather Graham) I really wanted to see them go on a real date. Had I written a review about The Hangover (part 1) I would've given it 5 stars. The second installment earned just half a star less.   

-Yael Tygiel

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