'The Real Housewives of New York City' recap: Sorry about Ramona, Morocco. She means well.

Don't worry ladies, LuAnn's got everything under control. At a certain point in the packing stages, our gal's self-regard jumped from tourist to host to Moroccan to Countess of Morocco. In her mind she planned this trip and paid for it. All must bow down to her and say "Darling" in Arabic. You say Salaam, Jill says Shalom. Poor Morocco can only take Housewives in waves so the brunettes took the first plane. Kelly, wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, flipped her hair around and was like, you guys, you guys, you guys, this is like the trip of a lifetime. Hey, that's LuAnn's line. "It's. The. Trip. Of. A. Lifetime," repeated the Countess. "It's my pleasure to show you guys Morocco." In the van—the Countess reserved this van by the way, or at least printed out the itinerary from Bravo's travel agent—LuAnn assured the women that they were going first class all the way. Brad Pitt just left their hotel. He heard they were coming! Read More...



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