Cougar Town 2.21/2.22 "Something Good Coming" Review

If there was ever a series tailor-made for the Hawaii vacation episode(s), it has to be Cougar Town, right? Taking a band of goofballs who sit around drinking and playing stupid games in Florida and putting them in another beautiful, warm location doesn’t really change much, thankfully. "Something Good Coming" not only keeps the series grounded in its usual zany, but heartfelt antics, it also nicely wraps up the season’s biggest stories with nice finesse.

abcI don’t want to say I was "concerned" about how the series would handle both Travis’ heartbreak and the Jules/Grayson baby stories, but I was certainly hoping that Town kept the emotional stakes resonant, but under control. Yeah, I guess that’s the right phrasing. Even though the last stretch of episodes has done a tremendous job of presenting a more subdued, mature Jules, there’s always the chance that she could become the crazy, overbearing nut-case that she was for all of the first season and a good part of this one. Although that version of Jules is almost always funny in the most uncomfortable of ways, I was hoping that Travis’ eventual return to Florida had more to do with his own maturity than his mother’s pestering. And because I didn’t care for much of the Jules-Grayson "drama" earlier in the season (most notably, their struggles with "I love you").

Thankfully, "Something Good Coming" didn’t explore any of those problematic possibilities. As far as these two stories go, I couldn’t be happier with the way the series handled them here. Travis moving to Hawaii was kind of ridiculous, but the hour didn’t overdo it. He certainly ran away, but Hawaii actually helped him start to turn his life and his feelings around. He might have been living in a hostel with Ted from Scrubs and working with his hands, but those 4-5 days went a long way in showing Travis what he should and should not be doing with his life. For a series with such a goofy DNA, Cougar Town handled Travis’ emotions with respect and care over these half-dozen episodes, which might be partly because he’s the most sane and normal of the characters on the series. Read More...


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