Modern Family 2.24 "The One That Got Away" Review

modern family tv newsAs I mentioned last week, Modern Family had a lot to live up to over its final two episodes if it wanted to match the heights it did over the same period last season.  Last week's episode certainly matched "Hawaii" for its sheer comedy quotient -- both episodes were some of the funniest of the series.  Similarly, "The One That Got Away" matched "Family Portrait" not only in the comedy department, but also with an unabashed sentimentality about what it means to be a family.  Of course, this is the general theme of the entire series, but what the finale is able to accomplish in this area is something I have wanted from the series all season: real character growth.

Each of the adult characters (except perhaps Gloria, who had her own character growth moment in the school dance episode) was shown coming to a realization that they have not appreciated a certain aspect of their family.  Cameron and Mitchell realize that being parents is a blessing, and that they want the opportunity to guide the life of another child and give him (because they want a boy) the great experiences they had as children.  Jay admits that the "old Jay" would have done nothing but complain that he didn't get the birthday he wanted (namely, being alone), but Jay has become more understanding since he married Gloria.  He is willing to take everything in stride, but more importantly, he can recognize and enjoy the simple gesture of Manny floating Jay's boat in the night...without any fishing poles...or fish, for that matter. Read More...


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