‘Rigamortis’, or, If ‘Dr. Horrible’ Were a Zombie Musical Love Story

Zombies have been done. A lot. So have online musicals. But to our knowledge, no one has combined the two until now. Yesterday Rigamortis launched on YouTube with a three-parter almost tailor made for Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog fans. (Which, incidentally is still holding strong on iTunes.)

It’s a pure indie project, without of course Dr. H’s star power or Whedonverse, but there are some seriously ample musical chops here. Maxwell Glick (lonelygirl15, GOLD: Night of the Zombie King) stars opposite Lisa Musser as two of the last remaining zombies after a failed zombiepocalypse. Their nemesis is a spot-on Nathan Fillion type, Boston Stergis, who is essentially humanity’s hotdogging hero zombie killer, belting his greatness in a walk-and-sing that would make Captain Hammer proud. Read More...



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