Recap General Hospital: Wed, December 22, 2010

Laura Wright"General Hospital" SetThe Prospect StudiosABC StudiosLos Angeles11/30/10©Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 12209U.S.Airdate 12/24/10

At the Quartermaine mansion the minister continues the ceremony of Lucas Lorenzo Spencer to Tracy Angelica Quartermaine. Everyone watches captivated except for Carly who can't stop texting Spinelli. Luke and Tracy exchange rings and are about to kiss as man and wife when Tracy holds up her hand. She really needs to see that pre-nup! Luke refuses and Lulu tries to talk some sense into Tracy. However it's Brook Lynn who convinces Tracy to see the light. Her grandmother actually listens to her and decides that Brook Lynn's 'take a chance' speech is right. Tracy returns to the front of the room and gets married without looking at the pre-nup. Yay, finally! Everyone claps as Luke and Tracy kiss -- everyone except Alice, who feels this is surely the end of her Master Luke's free-wheeling ways. Later Brook Lynn pulls her grandmother aside at the reception. She explains that she wanted to save Tracy from herself hoping that someday someone will do that for her. Tracy smiles with approval; good save. Edward approaches the happy couple and genuinely wishes them well. Meanwhile Lulu and Dante sneak away for some quiet time. She says that Tracy nearly ran out on Luke, afraid to put her heart on the line. Dante takes the hint and promises to never make Lulu regret loving him.  Read More...


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