'Treme' - 'Feels Like Rain': I write the songs

'Treme' - 'Feels Like Rain': I write the songs

A review of tonight's "Treme" coming up just as soon as I curse you out in Dutch... 

"People like us, we just do a thing. We don't have a choice, really." -Janette

"Feels Like Rain" is the halfway point of this 11-episode second season of "Treme," and I think by now we all have a good idea about what the show is - and what it's not.

Nelson stands on his hotel balcony and says of New Orleans, "It's all connected somehow. I'm this close to seeing how it all hooks up." This is the sort of thing Lester Freamon might have said on "The Wire" and it would have been as much about the series as about the Major Crimes Unit's latest case. There are some obvious connections between the characters of "Treme," but they're usually either geographic or spiritual, with most of them falling under the umbrella Janette describes in the above quote. I don't think anyone's waiting anymore for all the characters to be tied together in some grand plot, as everyone's either already accepted that this isn't "The Wire: New Orleans" or stopped watching for precisely that reason.  Read More...



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