The Killing Review: "I'll Let You Know When I Get There"

The plot thickened on the moody and somber drama in this week's episode, "I'll Let You Know When I Get There."

First, Bennet Ahmed had finally been crossed off the suspect list. To think that after only ten episodes later and a massive beat down, the prime suspect turned out to be a good guy. I agree he did seem like the perfect culprit, especially with his lying and deceit, but he never deserved the attack he was given. I hope he pulls through.

My own suspicions led me to Belko Royce, as it also led Linden and Holder, as the next obvious choice of killer. Turns out though, he was merely a man longing for a happy family. Where his upbringing brought some clear psychological damage, Royce had more in common with an ever hopeful dog than with a murderous killer. Not only did I believe him, but I also felt sorry as the two detectives hounded him with questions. Read More...


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