'Friday Night Lights' - 'Perfect Record': Bitter rivals

'Friday Night Lights' - 'Perfect Record': Bitter rivals

A review of tonight's "Friday Night Lights" coming up just as soon as I host a morale-building barbecue... 

"Don't feel like celebrating tonight." -Coach Crowley

Early in "Perfect Record," Coach gives our old friend Jason Street a list of all the perfect things in his life, and while we know he's embellishing at least the Julie part of it, that speech - and the one Vince gives Jess about how swell things are going with Ornette - is the sort a character delivers right before his life starts to turn into something very imperfect. 

So, yes, the Lions are undefeated, Eric is a magazine cover subject, is being pursued for college coaching jobs (head coach this time), and in a little over a year he's brought the East DIllon football culture back from the dead. He has the beautiful wife, the daughters, and a backyard big enough to host a 300-person barbecue. 

And so, yes, Vince is being pursued by half the college football powers in America, his mother is both sober and happy, his daddy is back home and looking out for his son again, he has the beautiful, football-loving girlfriend and a half a town that worships him.  Read More...



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