GAME OF THRONES “You Win Or You Die” Review

GAME OF THRONES "You Win Or You Die" Season 1 Episode 7 – For so long this television series has been gaining momentum, building towards a grand climax as Ned Stark’s investigation into the death of Jon Arryn and the attempted murder of his son leads him deeper and deeper into the belly of the lion, as it were. Of course we’ve known that the Lannister clan were no good since episode one: if the blonde smirks wasn’t a clue, and if you doubted the authenticity of Lyse Tully’s accusatory letter, then certainly Jaime’s brilliant, "The things I do for love," pushed you over the edge into realizing that the Lannisters were very very bad people. Unfortunately for Ned Stark, the Lannisters are a cunning crowd who’ve been weaned on tricks and manipulation. Years in the north seem to have made Ned rusty and when he confronts Cersei near the beginning of this episode and lays out most of his cards for her to see, he’s made a huge mistake.

Of course no mistake was greater than revealing his trump card, also known as Robert Baratheon’slast will and testament. Instead of "Joffrey" Ned fills in the "rightful heir" thereby allowing himself a snug loophole in which to operate against the Lannisters: it makes the scene in the throne room all the more potent, and the twist all the bigger. Cersei sneers at Ned’s paper shield and literally shreds the will of the king on the dais of the Iron Throne, thereby ensuring the loyalty of the armed men, who quickly dispatch of those loyal to Ned Stark. This entire sequence was thrilling and brilliantly executed thanks to some truly nifty twists and turns. Lena Headey’s triumphant sneer as she holds Robert’s will was just glorious. Read More...


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