Doctor Who's American Fans Left Behind As UK Prepares for "A Good Man Goes to War"

doctor who tv newsSometimes BBC America just drops the ball. They were doing well at first; premiering "The Impossible Astronaut" at the same time in the US and the UK was a wonderful move, bringing Americans right up into the action that until then only UK viewers had gotten to see first. While some British fans might argue that Americans don't deserve such early access to a British culture staple (believe me, I've seen the arguments), American fans certainly were happier with the show, especially since they didn't have to wait weeks until they saw the episodes air on BBC America.

And then came Memorial Day. "The Almost People" was postponed because of this holiday, pushing the American syndication of the series back a week and leaving fans floundering for air as the UK moved on to the midseason finale without them.  Read More...


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