'Platinum Hit' premiere review: 'Love it or hate it! Woooo! Love it or hate it!'

Platinum Hit is Bravo’s attempt to do for songwriting what Top Chef does for food and Project Runway does for fashion — that is, to fill the TV screen with grasping talents, semi-talents, and egoists, offer them prize money and a career, and watch the beautiful creativity flourish!

The show is hosted by Jewel, who has become more Bravo-host-like in her look and demeanor — tight-dressed, high-heeled, and primly haughty in the Padma manner. But the bigger draw is judge Kara DioGuardi, who imports her American Idol style of critiquing most contestants as though she was granting them immense wisdom that, if not heeded, might lead not merely to eviction but to utter and complete failure in life. That’s how vehement DioGuardi is, non-stop — as a TV personality, she’s intense and exhausting. WatchingPlatinum Hit, you remember why DioGuardi was at once the most transfixing judge Idol ever had, and the most cluelessly unbearable. Read More...



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