Review: Bravo's 'Platinum Hit'

TV Review: Bravo's 'Platinum Hit'

[This review's gonna be a short one, but otherwise HitFix won't have any coverage of the premiere of "Platinum Hit." And that would be a true tragedy.]

 Bravo and I, we have an understanding. Bravo makes shows that work within the various tiers of the Bravo formula and I politely ignore Bravo shows if they don't involve the hasty preparation of food. I skip anything involving housewives from across the country or elaborately contrived docu-drama showcases for people in professions utilized only by the wealthy, but I at least sample the network's various interchangeable competition shows built around the formula that the Magical Elves production team brought to "Top Chef."

 For all of my love for "Top Chef," I couldn't watch "Work of Art." Something about the subjectivity of judging art and, more specifically, the subjectivity of making judgments on art based on five minutes of cursory inspection, never felt right to me. I watched a couple episodes for the amusingly pretentious contestants and the even more amusingly pretentious judges and then tuned it out. I know the way that art does or doesn't work for me as an individual and I know that "Work of Art" has no connection to my experience of culture. I know that some viewers really got a kick out of "Work of Art." Read More...


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