Recap: 'The Bachelorette' Week 2 - Dating and Jabbawockeez

Recap: 'The Bachelorette' Week 2 - Dating and Jabbawockeez

Well, let’s get to it. We can only hope Bentley gets crushed by the propeller of a small private jet as it whisks him off to a date with Ashley. Hey, karma can be instantaneous, I’m just saying.

 First up, it’s time for little notes from Ashley to arrive at the mansion and send the boys into a tizzy of testosterone-fueled jealousy. For her first solo date, she chooses William the cell phone salesman to jet off with her to Las Vegas.

 William is having a great time sampling wedding cakes with Ashley. He’s a little surprised that their next activity is trying on rings. But then he’s really freaked out when they end up at a wedding chapel and Ashley appears in a tight white dress, wiggling and mugging adorably all the way down the aisle, like a slightly insane cartoon bunny rabbit. For most guys, this would be tantamount to watching "Fatal Attraction" on an endless loop while eating pickle ice cream. But William thinks it’s fun. I think William might be in shock, or they’ve been slipping Xanax into the soda at the bachelor mansion. Read More...


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