'The Bachelorette' Week 2 Season 7 Recap

Beginning tonight on The Bachelorette, each episode will consist of a group date as well as individual dates where there is a rose up for grabs. If you don’t get a rose on the individual date, you go home immediately. Ashley thinks all the guys are great so far and feels that she got lucky because everyone is so good looking- and she is right. She is also worried she’ll fall for someone that she’ll be in love with but won’t be in love with her. Ashley picks William, the cell phone salesman from Ohio for her first individual date to "make a splash" with her in Las Vegas. The two take a private jet to Vegas as the guys back at the house continue to be creeped out by Jeff, the entrepreneur with the mask, who says he will reveal his face on the first date with Ashley.

Ashley and William get to Vegas and head into the hotel where Ashley is greeted like a celebrity aka one girl asks for her autograph. They head to a cake shop and start talking about wedding cakes as William is convinced she is just hungry. He starts to get a little nervous when they go into the next store to check out wedding rings. Lastly, they head into the wedding chapel and he introduces her to the minister as Ashley (his last name) but is still convinced it’s a joke- we are hoping so too considering this is a first date. He starts to sweat a little when the minister comes back in and Ashley walks in with a white dress on. Is this a joke? He keeps smiling as they go through their vows and keep giggling throughout the process. It is almost uncomfortable to see his red face and beaming nervous smile. This is the best first date for both of them apparently- as she reveals they’re not really going to go through with the ceremony (duh!) and then they kiss. Ashley says she is already falling for William after half of the date. Well, she did almost marry the guy. Then they go out to watch the water show at the Bellagio in the middle of the fountain to have dinner as he confesses that he lost his dad 6 years ago to alcohol. The story hits close to home for Ashley as she divulges that father is an alcoholic as well.  She says she is looking for someone serious and sees everything that she wants in William and gives him the rose as they share a romantic, passionate kiss as the fountains go off for The Bellagio water show. I think we already have a winner. Read More...



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