Mob Wives: Moving On and Starting Over

cableSunday’s episode of Mob Wives reminded me of The Killing. No, no, it didn’t morph into a densely layered murder mystery set in the damp northwest. It didn’t bring together a bunch of top notch performances and throw them all into a moody atmosphere. It didn’t even feature Holder’s rather rockin’ yellow suit. No, Mob Wives closed one chapter and opened up the next part of the way through the episode, not unlike the AMC drama’s loose day-an-episode formula.

Yes, after another fifteen minutes of intense fight footage that focused mostly on screaming for apologies and ending in tears (thank you VH1 for not tying things up with a minute of the show opening and then moving on), Mob Wives put the dining room brawl to bed and awoke the core of the show that finds these four women struggling to make it in the face of adversity. As tough as they are, as fiery as they can be, each woman is still a little lost right now and I'm strangely invested in their stories. Renee tried online dating to help get over Junior, but one pushy guy and a whole lot of "no"s later and she’s already letting him move back into the house. Drita sends Lee some provocative pictures, but you can tell that she’s still so sad that he’s not around. Carla’s going to have to adjust to having Joe back in her life in a matter of weeks, while Karen got a little shot of happiness in the form of a visit from her daughter. Read More...


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