That Which We Destroy

I recently just watched the last couple of episodes of the season and thought the show was getting alot better than when it started!

The storylines were picking up pace and dare i say the acting was getting a little bit better.

But then came along 'That which we destroy', which is pretty ironic.

The whole episode was dreadful, with its predictable storylines and frankly crap acting!

the whole 'new son' thing and dixons reaction was what we all expected would happen and at the end with Sean on the phone, you could see that coming a mile away!

And the worst part of the episode was Naomi and the idiotic 'blendeds'. The whole 'you owe me' thing was also stupid. I mean, how would a character like Naomi be humilated by kissing the mascot?

other parts i hated

-Ethan and Annie fighting - unnecessary

-Kelly and Brenda - Boring

The only redeeming part was Tabitha and the chihuahua story.

I hope it gets better after the holiday break.

I dont know maybe i'm being a little harsh, What do you guys think.


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