Kings Ep. 11 - Javelin Review

First I just have to mention that this is probably one of the best episodes in the whole season (in my opinion anyway).

From the first couple of minutes I was hooked, the episode begins a little slow with breakfast at the palace, soon turning into talk of Shepards trial.

The trial begins and the prosecution have meticulously presented fake evidence which shows Shepard guilty of treason, and even though we all know its not true, the defence have a hard time proving otherwise.

Michelle still stands by David as he tells her he loves her, (it was so sweet lol).

Throughout the trial Michelle goes through medical testing as she feels her cancer is back. (I just wanna say that as soon as Silas said not to make herself sick over the trial, i knew exactly what was coming).

The second day of the trial begins as Michelle visits David, and they both realise that she is his alibi, and if she testifies he will be proved innocent.

Michelle talks to her father about her testimony and realises that her father wants David dead no matter what, which scares her.

Later Michelle finds out she is pregnant with Davids child and confides in her mother, who tells her that no-one can know about it, explaining the Silas is out for Davids blood and he won't stop at her child.

Meanwhile David was kidnapped out of his cell taken to 'the uncle' who offers him a way out, David declines saying he will not do what he is accused of.

Another day of the trial begins and Michelle is called to the stand, but doesnt arrive. Silas clears the courtroom and convinces David to plead guilty.

And this is when it gets great.

The following has to be watched to get the full impact; David pleads guilty which causes the guilt in Jack to pour out. He confesses that the charges were all a creation of his father, which leads to an outburst none of us were expecting. What Silas said shocked me so much that I gasped out loud and had to cover my mouth.

Both Jack and David are escorted out of court. Jack is met by his uncle who tells him that there will be no more waiting.

Now for my fave bits and stuff I didnt mention.

* Thomasina and the Guard - How cute were they?

* The betrayal of the Reverend - I cant work out whether its a good thing or a bad thing.

* David telling Jack about 'the uncles' betrayal - even after everything he's going through he still did the right thing.

So what did everyone else think about it? What do you think will happen next?

I really cant wait for next weeks episode titled 'The New King' Part 1.

This show is amazing and i cant believe so little watch it. I dont want it to end!


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