Genin level ninjas used GenJutsu

Two what looked like Genin level ninjas used GenJutsu to change second floor to look like third floor but this attempt fails as Sasuke and Sakura saw right through it. When the illusin was stopped one of the two ninjas launched a punch towards Sasuke and he launches a kick. Rock Lee one of the members who were earlier bullied by the two, blocks the attacks with his arms. When they had left, TenTen and Neji, Rock Lee's two team mates stood up, there were no traces of injuries. As Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto leaves, we see the two earlier ninjas transform into their real forms, they were moderators and wanted to hold their own unofficial test. In another scene, Lee challenges Sasuke to a fight so he can test his TaiJutsu out. Lee tries to show his affection for Sakura by throwing "kisses" at her but Sakura franticly dodges them as if her life depended on it. Naruto interferes as he got jealous of all the attention Sasuke was getting and without thinking he ran forward to Lee but he blocked his attack and kicked Naruto spinning to the wall, Naruto fell unconscience. The battle between Lee and Sasuke was hectic, even as Sasuke uses the power of the sharingan he could not dodge Lee's assults. Lee was about to use another attack when they were stopped by what looked like a gaint turtle, by this time Naruto reawakens. Lee tells Sasuke that he was lieing the fact that he was the best out of his team mates, it is Neji who was their #1 rookie last year. They incounter Lee's sensi, Guy, he didn't punish Lee but you could tell that Guy was Lee's idol as his hairstyle were alike. Lee left with Guy while Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto went off to hand their slips in.


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