'Bachelorette's' Chris Harrison: Bentley 'crossed the line,' 'almost shut down production'


The stuff is about to hit the fan on "The Bachelorette" when Bentley's true intentions are revealed to Ashley Hebert on Monday's night episode (June 6). Host Chris Harrison spoke with the press about this season's villain and how in the aftermath of the next episode's events, they almost had to shut down production.On when Harrison first knew Bentley was bad news:"I thought he was going to be trouble the moment Ashley told me he was going to be trouble. I'll go a little bit deeper. We talked that night ... I was pretty adamant about my feelings towards him. I usually try to walk that fine gray line of host/friend/confidant, but when you have information before the guy even gets out of the limo, that is beyond a red flag ... She was so anti everything she had done on Brad's season, the being closed off ... this season she kind of threw caution...



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