This episode wasn't really that important

This episode wasn't really that important, but it introduces a new characture,Konohamaru! The episode begins with Naruto getting his picture taken for the ninja yearbook. just to let you know,he painted his face in a strange way. He takes it in to the third hogake to get it in the yearbook and the hogake says " Do it over!" Naruto dose his usual arguing, when a little brat runs in and shouts" On garud old man!?" and suddenly trips over his own feet. The kids name is Konohamaru by the way. Konohamaru's tutor,Ebisu, runs in in search for him, and Konohamaru yells" He tripped Me", and Naruto comes back saying" You tripped over your own feet brat!!!" Naruto picks him up andis about to hit him when Ebisu shouts" Unhand him, he is the honorable grandson of the third hogake!" Naruto replies" Like I care!" and whacks Konohamaru upside the head. Naruto leavs and Konohamaru folows thinking Naruto dosen't notice him, when it's tottaly obvious. Konohamaru asks Naruto to be his new tutor and to teach him the ninja centerfold jutsu Naruto used on the Hogake. Naruto says yes and begins teaching him the ninja centerfold jutsu he invented. Problem is, Konohamaru turns into a fat,short,ugly chick! After that training they are sitting on a log, while Naruto is drinking a pop. Konohamaru tells Naruto That he wants to become the next hogake, so people will call him by his real name,Konohamaru, and not the honorable grandson of the third hogake! Naruto says "Ha, it's to big of a name for a little guy,and to become the next hogake, he'd have to beat him in a fight for it! All of the sudden Ebisu pops up and says"There you are, honorable grandson, come with me to continue proper training!" Konohamaru yells"Naruto is my new trainer!" Ebisu says" But you don't even know one jutsu!" Konohamaru replies" Oh ya, how do ya like my jutsu!" and Konohamaru turns into a sexy girl surronded in light mist! Ebisu nose starts to bleed in emberasment and says" Not proper for a mans eyes" Konohamaru turns back to normal and says" Oh man, why didn't it work!?" All of the sudden Naruto uses his dobbleganger jutsu, surrounds Ebisu and uses his ninja centerfold jutsu, turns into a bunch of pretty naked girls and smothers Ebisu with all of them! Ebisu's nose bleeds again, and he shoots out of nowhere. In the end Konohamaru dosen't want to be tuterd by anyone and Naruto and him are now rivals!!


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