This episode was funny

This episode was funny. It starts off with Naruto waking up, eating breakfast, and preparing for class. Meanwhile, Sakura is racing to class with Ino, a rival trying to win the heart of Sasuke. Naruto was already in class when Sakura and Ino rush in. Naruto stands up and waves in hopes of getting Sakura's attention, Sakura also waves, but not at him. As Sakura ran over about to sit next to Sasuke, ALL the girls in the class started arguing over who should sit next to Sasuke. Anoied, Naruto got in front of Sasuke. They were glaring at each other (they hate each other). Shikamaru, a boy in front of Sasuke (besides Naruto) bumped into Naruto and him and Sasuke. . . . . KISSED!!! All the girls got mad. Sakura thought "I was sopposed to have Sasuke's 1st kiss! Naruto will pay!" Then, girls beat the sence out of him. Iruka, a teacher (and sometimes, acts like a brother to Naruto), announced the groups. Good for Sakura, she was in Sasuke's group. Bad for Naruto, he was also in Sasuke's group. Later in the show, Sakura was calling out to Sasuke and asking if he wanted to have lunch with her. He just walked away. Naruto came up to Sakura and asked if she would want to go to lunch with him. Sadly, he was put down. He was mad. So, he went to Sasuke's place and..... tied him up, hand and feet! From there, the transformed into Sasuke by a jutsu. Sakura was sitting alone eating lunch on a bench when Sasuke, A.K.A. Naruto, stood in the distence and said "I love that big forehead of yours..... That's a dumb thing Naruto would say." As he sat down, Sakura started to express what she felt about him (Sasuke). Soon after, they were leaning in to kiss. Remember the breakfast Naruto had? The milk he was drinking was bad. Then, he was about to break the jutsu so he rushed off to the bathroom. Sakura thought he (Sasuke, not the real one) was nervous. As Naruto came out of the bathroom, he saw the real Sasuke. Naruto thought he could tie him up again, so, he did the Shadow Clone Jutsu (like before). Then, when he (all of the Naruto's) was about to attack, the bad milk reared it's ugly head and all of Naruto's went strait to the bathroom. Sasuke (the real him) walked passed the bench where Sakura was. She tried to "sweet talk" him into giving the kiss another try and for him to not be nervous. She started to say stuff about Naruto, and Sasuke said "You don't know what it's like to be alone", etc. stuff like that. She thought she should be nicer to Naruto. Naruto walked by the bench. Sakura offered to go to lunch with him, but hearing what she said about him, he said NO!!! And of couse, ran back to the bathroom and said "Am I gonna spend the rest of my life on the pot?!?!?!?!?!" Of course I did leave out some stuff so forgive me!!!! :)


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