"Shadow clone jutsu" Naruto says angrily

"Shadow clone jutsu" Naruto says angrily."No Naruto!" Sasuke explains.POOF! A bunch of Narutos are flying though the air and without hesitation, Haku glides from mirror to mirror stabbing the Narutos and Sasuke. "Errr. Again then! Shouts Naruto. "Shadow clone jutsu" "Stop Naruto" Sasuke yells! Again there are a lot of Narutos jumping at the mirror growling then falling, but Sasuke notices the drops of water in front of him splitting up in to smaller drops. Needles come flying out of nowhere and begins slicing scars on Sasuke. "Errrr!" growls Naruto. Sasuke then says" Naruto, can you try again?" "Alright,Shadow clone jutsu" shouts Naruto. POOF! Narutos screaming at the mirrors then falls because of Haku's needles.This time Sasuke kicks at a puddle of water and examines the time between each drop of water breaking up. Imediantly, he summons a fireball jutsu and the second he sees Haku in the corner of his eye he inhales and blows.


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