Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have gathered for their training.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have gathered for their training. they were instructed not eat breakfast and to come at 5 am, and come prepared. When they arrive Kakashi isn't there and it is around noon when he does come.they meet Kakashi, Their new instructor, he says that anyone who doesn't pass this training test will be sent back to Ninja school. Their task is to grab one bell from his side (there is only two) and if they pass they can eat their lunch. Naruto enraged by insults goes first. He's weak and hungry but he tries. He is knocked into the river, then makes doppelgangers, he tries to get their sensei but fails. He then comes out and sees a bell near the trunk of a tree. he thinks that Kakashi accidentally dropped it. when he goes to get it he gets caught in a trap. Kakashi is lecturing Naruto. Then Sasuke launches an attack, when he thinks the Kakashi isn't paying attention. Kakashi moves out of the way and Sasuke realizes that it was a trap moves to a different location incase of being caught. Sasuke hides waiting to strike. Sakura who is seperated is played a foul trick on by Kakashi He made an illusion to make it appear that Sasuke was injured badly. She screams Sasuke and immediatly faints. Meanwhile Sasuke and Kakashi meet and Sasuke throws knives at him and Kakashi easily dodges. but it was a trap. Sasuke throws a knife to cut a rope and knives spring out of no where and shoots it at Kakashi but he gets away then Sasuke runs behind him and kicks him which kakashi easily dodges and the Sasuke punches and it is dodged to. he was able to touch the bells but kakashi jumped back so he failed. then he conjures fire and shoots it at kakashi, but he gets away. Then time is up! Kakashi announces that they could have won if the just used teamwork and then says you are all unfit to ever become Ninjas.


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