MTV Movie Awards: Who Smooched Bella Best?

It's a fair bet that "Twilight" fans won't settle their Team Edward versus Team Jacob war of allegiances anytime soon (and true devotees of the series will probably be battling it out to the end of their days, clubbing each other in the face with their walkers and orthopedic shoes, shrieking, "Jacob, my butt! Give me that sparkly piece of bloodsucking beefcake ANY day!"). But at this year's MTV Movie Awards, at least one of the eternal debates will be settled in the form of a big, shiny trophy and eternal bragging rights—when the votes are cast as to which "Eclipse" kiss, Bella-Jacob or Bella-Edward, was the best.

Tough choice! And don't feel too bad if you can't decide right away; even the stars of the movie can't agree on who smooched Bella better. Read More...


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