Naruto has fallen for the obvious bait Kakashi had left

Naruto has fallen for the obvious bait Kakashi had left(a bell was lying on the floor). His legs were tied from a tree and Kakashi gives him a lecture, "If the bait is obvious, don't take it." Sasuke thought that Kakashi had droped his guard so he attacked with shuriken. Surprisinly he used a replacement no justu with a log of bamboo or some kind of wood. Sasuke runs through the forest trying to make sure Kakashi doesn't find out where he is.

Kakashi is hiding behind bushes, as Sakura runs too. She is hopeing that Kakashi didn't see Sasuke. As she ran she saw Kakashi sitting down and she slides back to hide behind some bushes.

"Sakura." Kakashi said, Sakura glanced over and saw Sasuke dying. Sakura fainted. Of course it was an act by Kakashi.

Sasuke steped up and told Kakashi that he's not like Naruto and Sakura, and then he tries to get a bell. It was a plan to get the bells and make a distraction by making a fight seen. Both Sasuke and Kakashi's hands were tied as Sasuke dileverd blows. Then with 1 free hand he touched a bell. Kakashi notices that and moves away quickly.

Suddenly Sasuke does a fireball jutsu, Kakashi is surprised because he doesn't have enough chakra. The fire takes out a lot of space and t seems Kakashi has dissapeared. Sasuke looks around, "Where'd he go?" he said. "Behind me, top of me?" Then he feels a tug from the ground, "I'm where you least expected!" Kakashi pulls Sasuke underground leaving only his head popped up.

Sakura wakes up and notices Sasuke's head. "SASUKE'S BEHEADED?!?" She yells then faints again.


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