Naruto being really mad at Haku

It starts off with Naruto being really mad at Haku for killing Sasuke. He gets so filled with rage that some of the nine-tialed fox chakra leaks out and he attaks Haku with a lot more force, Haku tries to escape into one of his mirros , but Naruto grabs him and punches him out of the mirror circle. Naruto is running all out for a finishing blow when Haku's mask falls off. He stops just before he hits him and loses the fox's chakra. Haku then tells Naruto to kill him because he is no use to Zabuza anymore, he carries on, telling him about how he became this way and how he came to be with Zabuza. He also tells him how you should fight for someone precious to you and how Zabuza is precious to him. Meanwhile, Kakashi is still batteling Zabuza and he uses a jitsu to summon different types of dogs that estrain Zabuza, he then creates a sort of chakra lighening ball that he can hold and Zabuza is surprised that he is powerful enough to do that. Then it kind of....ends


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