So team seven has just passed Kakashi's test

So team seven has just passed Kakashi's test and are now real ninjas!! You may think this means life or death missions, close shaves and excitement, right? Well, their first mission involves finding a LOST PET CAT! Naruto isn't impressed, and complains to the Hokage about their boring assignments. He explains that they are new ninjas, and are not ready for harder tasks. But, because Naruto whined loud enough, he decides to let them try something harder. Namely, escorting a bridge builder to his own country to complete his latest project. The bridge builder's name is Tazuna, and he doesn't have much confidence in Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi's abilities, and is rather rude to them (he even calls Naruto a midget, causing Naruto to get pissed off. Kakashi has to hold him back, explaining that they must not kill the man they are assigned to protect.). Anyway, you know what this means. Road trip!! And so, Naruto and co. are off to the land of waves. On the road, Sakura questions Kakashi about the possibility that they may run into foreign ninjas, and he explains that in the land of waves, there are no ninjas, so they don't have to worry. He goes on to teach them about the different countries, and the ninjas that reside there. Suddenly, two ninjas with claws and chains that resemble chainsaws emerge from a puddle! They take the bladed chains and wrap them aroud Kakashi,TEARING HIM APART! They then go after Naruto and Tazuna. Naruto gets scratched on the hand by one of their claws. Meanwhile, Sakura attempts to block Tazuna from the other ninja's attack. Sasuke manages to keep one of the ninjas from killing Naruto, and then goes to save Sakura. Then WHAM! the ninjas are stopped in thier tracks by MASTER KAKASHI! He had used the art of substitution to switch his body with blocks of wood when the ninjas attacked him! He explains that he could have stopped the ninjas at any time, but he wanted to see who their target was. He turns to Naruto and tells him to keep still, because the cut he recieved was poisoned. The wound will need to be opened further to wash the poison away. It turns out that Tazuna was the target of the attack. He admits that a man named Gatou wants to kill him to keep him from building his latest bridge. Gatou is in charge of all the ships that get through to the land of waves, and the construction of the bridge would mean he would not recieve as much money. People would use the bridge instead of his ridiculously expensive shipping. So he hired mist ninjas to kill him. Kakashi debates about whether to help Tazuna out, or go back to the village, because this mission is too hard for new ninjas to take on, and Naruto needs medical attention. Naruto feels guilty, and cuts his hand himself, swearing that he will protect Tazuna. Very dramatic, but Kakashi explains to Naruto that the cut he gave himself could make him bleed to death. Naruto freaks out, but as Kakashi inspects his hand, the wound is almost healed! So the agree to go to the land of waves. We also see a scene in which a creepy ninja with a huge blade (his name is Zabuza, as we will later see) talks with Gatou, agreeing to take Tazuna out personally.


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