All eyes are on Gato

All eyes are on Gato as he tells Zabuza that he never intended to pay him. Gato walks over to Haku's corpse and kicks him. Naruto is angered by his action and charges toward Gato, but is stopped by Kakashi. "He, He loved you and yet you don't care!" Naruto shouts at Zabuza. After a few words from Naruto, Zabuza finally sheds tears for Haku and admits that no shinobi can hide their emotions because they are all still human beings. Zabuza asks Naruto to hand him his kunai. Naruto throws his kunai at Zabuza and Zabuza catches the kunai with his mouth and charges towards Gato. Gato hides behind his men as they're stabbing him with their weapons. Zabuza manages to kill Gato and then turns to Haku and apologizes to him for everything he's done and then falls. The rest of the thugs attempt to attack Kakashi and his team, but Inari shows up with the villagers, and with the help of Naruto's and Kakashi's shadow clones, they scare away the thugs. Sasuke wakes up in time to witness Zabuza's demise. Zabuza requests that Kakashi places his body next to Haku's. As Kakashi is carrying Zabuza it begins to snow. Zabuza cries as he touches Haku's face and then he too dies as a ray of sun shines on the two. Team Kakashi bury Zabuza and Haku and say their goodbye's to Tazuna and return to Konoha. Tazuna decides to name the bridge, The Great Naruto Bridge.


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