Director David Dobkin On Set Interview THE CHANGE-UP


While The Hangover receives a lot of credit for creating the recent R-rated comedy boom, the short-term memory of audiences has forgotten that back in 2005, director David Dobkin was behind the biggest R-rated comedy of all-time with Wedding Crashers.  The film grossed over $200 million domestic off a $40 million budget, and raked up a 75% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  But even if you set those other factors aside, you would still have a hilarious movie that stands on its own as Dobkin skillfully wove together raunchy comedy, dark humor, and a surprising amount of heart.  After taking a detour with the PG Fred Claus, Dobkin has returned to R-rated comedy and while eclipsing Wedding Crashers is a high bar, he may have cleared it with his new film The Change-Up.  The film stars Jason Batetman and Ryan Reynolds as two old friends who piss in a fountain and end up switching bodies.  Freaky Friday this is not. Read More...


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