Top Moments: Jon Stewart's Delicious Rant, The Voice's Fatal Kiss and an Uncertain Weiner

Our top moments of the week:

11. Worst Call for Help: On the Real Housewives of New Jersey,Teresa goes over toJacqueline's house for help writing a letter to Teresa's brother, Joe. Unfortunately, pretty muchall of Jacqueline's advice falls on deaf ears, as Teresa tells her, "You really don't know ... it's between me and my brother," and then proceeds to overstay her welcome by a few hours. Don't you have your own McMansion for this sort of thing?

10. Worst Plagiarism: During Platinum Hit's song hook challenge (its version of a Top Chefquickfire), Nevin whips up a little ditty on the keyboard about Los Angeles, titled "You'll Never Be My Home," that sounds awfully similar to this. "Does anything in your song sound familiar? Like maybe you heard it before?" Jewel questions the blank-faced songwriter. Kara DioGuardi cuts right to the point: "Elton John's 'Candle in the Wind,'" she says, as Nevin does his best shocked face. Fittingly, he later got eliminated. Your candle burned out long before your legend ever, um, began, Nevin.

9. Best Made-for-TV Union: How do you up the ante after another crazy season of The Real World? By taking a showmance to the next level with a wedding! Naomi and Mike tie the knot in Vegas and exchange the most honest (read: awkward) wedding vows we've ever heard. Mike promises Naomi he'll work hard to "somehow afford the lavish lifestyle you want to live" and Naomi compliments her new hubby on being able to look beyond her many sexual escapades with his roommate — who she "might be doing" again tonight. There's no way this marriage will last, but at least this time the reality stars are in on the joke. Read More...


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