'X-Men: First Class'...The Love Story?

Let us be clear: We have no delusions about what "X-Men: First Class" is—a splashy, effects-laden prequel aimed right at the fleshy soft spot of comic-book-movie-loving nerds the world over. So would it be completely blasphemous of us to say that in between all the wam-bam action sequences we're also looking forward to seeing a little blossoming romance between Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique and Nicholas Hoult's Beast? Especially since the comely couple is dating in real life?

And in a move that surely proves a Cupid-esque caterer was lacing the craft services grub with aphrodisiacs, another "X-Men" couple has recently been revealed: Us Weekly is reporting that Zoe Kravitz and Michael Fassbender are an item (despite their 12-year age difference). A source told the mag, "They're really low-key, but they have a great time together just talking music or movies. They really didn't want to be a topic of conversation during the press for X-Men." Read More...



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